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These Burning Streets

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Somewhere, a revolution is happening
that will never be broadcast.
Somewhere, the sun rises on a world
no longer drawn as if by some hand
of human pain.

The name of this collection of poetry is no mere hyperbole. When the G-20 met in Toronto, Canada in 2010 behind armed thugs and fortress walls to discuss the fate of the world, Kelly Pflug-Back was among those who took to the streets to counter it with the militancy that the situation demanded. The cops dragged her off and tormented her in jail for a month while the government attempted to frame her as the leader of the infamously leaderless Black Bloc. Many of her charges were dropped, but she pleaded guilty to the destruction of several police cars and corporate storefronts and awaits sentencing. She was sentenced to fifteen months behind bars for daring to be free, for writing her poetry with action and words alike. Every dollar received by the publisher from the sale of this volume will go to aid her in her struggle against the state.

All profits received by Combustion Books will be passed along to Kelly Rose Pflug-Back until she is free.

Also available as a zine for free download for both web viewing and printing half-letter.

Page Count: 56
Author: Kelly Rose Pflug-Back
ISBN: 978-1-938660-00-9
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