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Margaret Killjoy on KDVS

Combustion Books author Margaret Killjoy appeared on the April 4th episode of Speaking in Tongues by Richard Estes on KDVS to talk about A Country of Ghosts. Margaret discussed how Occupy influenced the book (as much by negative example as positive), the potential realism of consensus decisionmaking in struggle, the role of violent resistance to invasion, and other themes from the book. It is currently archived in MP3 format on … Read More →

Coming in Spring 2014!

Parlor Games: Past and Present

2014 is shaping up to be a busy year for us, and we’ve got three books coming out in the next couple of months. A Country of Ghosts Margaret Killjoy The first book in our new series of utopias, The Anarchist Imagination. Dimos Horacki is a Borolian journalist and a cynical patriot, his muckraking days behind him. But when his newspaper ships him to the front, he’s embedded in the … Read More →

Antonio’s Answer as a podcast!

We’re quite excited to announce our first audio release, a free reading of the Catastrophone Orchestra‘s story Antonio’s Answer. It’s a tale of animal rights and nihilism in 19th century New York City. Read by Ben Church, produced and released by the Mike Cannon Show. 44 minutes long. Antonio’s Answer

SteamPunk Magazine is open to submissions!

After a year of waiting, SteamPunk Magazine #9 is nearly completed and SteamPunk Magazine #10 is open to submissions! They’re looking for fiction, essays, manifestos, how-tos (both fashion and tech), illustrators, and interviewers, so please check it out and submit your work! In addition to the previous editors, longtime contributor and web editor Katie Casey has stepped in as managing editor and longtime mad scientist Professor Offlogic will be taking … Read More →

TempleCon 2013!

Combustion Books is quite excited to announce that we’ll be showing up in force for TempleCon 2013 in Warwick, Rhode Island from February 1-3. This year we’ll be taking over an entire hotel room on the ground floor to bring you Combustion Books’ Traveling Show of Vice, our parlor of cons, swindles, games of luck and chance, accordion music, tintype photography, crime, and of course books. We also have a … Read More →

Interview with Margaret Killjoy on Combustion Books

Combustion Books collective member Margaret Killjoy was interviewed by White Cat Publications about the history and structure of SteamPunk Magazine and Combustion Books: Nowadays, Combustion Books is a collective (we work without bosses) of four people. We make a lot of our decisions collaboratively, but each person takes on a certain amount of responsibility for themselves and we try to stay out of their hair. Personally, I do a lot … Read More →

A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex is being kickstartered!

We’re happy to announce our first crowdfunding project, A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex. We’re hoping to raise $2200 to help us get this book to the printer. The book is a mix of Victorian history and contemporary subculture, with authors like Professor Calamity and Alan Moore contributing.

Solidarity statement against grand jury repression

Today Combustion Books was proud to sign on to the following statement: On Wednesday July 25th, the FBI conducted a series of coordinated raids against activists in Portland, Olympia, and Seattle. They subpoenaed several people to a special federal grand jury, and seized computers, black clothing and anarchist literature. This comes after similar raids in Seattle in July and earlier raids of squats in Portland. Though the FBI has said … Read More →

ConnectiCon 2012

Combustion Books rolled into Hartford, Connecticut this weekend to speak about steampunk and the apocalypse and sex. At different panels. There’s a whole writeup, plus embedded videos of our A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex panel, over at Margaret’s blog Birds Before the Storm.