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White Is the Color of Death

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I wish to entreat you to allow me to speak not on the sciences of weather or geology, or even the wild speculations of astronomical influences. We need merely to step outside these doors to know that we have been cast into a sunless world distinguished only by periods twilight and night. There is not a man present who does not know that we now live in a land that is being buried under ever more snow.

The world has been remade in winter and twilight, and life in Victorian England will never be the same again. These three short stories show us a frozen apocalypse and two very different paths to salvation. While communities grow embittered with each passing year, struggling to keep themselves alive, the enigmatic Afflicted hunt down what survivors are left for purposes unknown.

From the radical steampunk pioneers The Catastrophone Orchestra and Margaret Killjoy comes a foray into and out of madness.

Authors: Thursday Czolgosz, Margaret Killjoy, The Catastrophone Orchestra
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-938660-04-7
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