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Anarchy Buttons Pack

Price: $10.00

Anarchy buttons!
Pack of 10 1" pin-back buttons! (Plus a bonus Combustion Books button.) This pack features a variety of anarchisty images and slogans, including:

  • a circle-A
  • "We Fight for the Trees For the Trees Have No Swords
  • "Steal Shit from Rich People"
  • "Steal Things From Cops"
  • "Support Your Right to Injure the Police"
  • "Hucking Rocks at Cops is Not a Crime"
  • "Death to the Capitalist Bourgeoisie"
  • "Chinga la Migra"
  • "Por Cada Anarquista Muerto Naceremos Mil"
  • "Stripmalls Are Ugly and Should Be Destroyed"
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