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What Lies Beneath The Clock Tower reviewed by Rain Taxi

The Winter 2011 print edition of Rain Taxi (the US’s foremost independent book review publication) included a glowing review, by William Alexander, of What Lies Beneath The Clock Tower. From the review:

Margaret Killjoy, an authority on anarchist theory and founder of SteamPunk Magazine, is uniquely qualified to write a book about 19th-century class struggle and goblinish revolution in urban, absinthe-soaked France. The book is steampunk–a fantastical story in a Victorian setting­ and it earns both the punk and the steam.
Reading What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower is a bit like play­ing Dungeons & Dragons with a bunch of grad students while Monty Python’s Flying Circus marathons in the background. It offers the pleasure of watching someone very smart do some­ thing very silly, and do it with style and skill. You will laugh­ and while you laugh this trickster author will unleash goblins in your mind to ferment a cognitive revolution.

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