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The Cyberpunk Apocalypse, a writer in residency program

Combustion Books title What Lies Beneath The Clock Tower was finished while Margaret was the writer in residence at The Cyberpunk Apocalypse in Pittsburgh. To here them speak about themselves:

The Cyberpunk Apocalypse Writers’ project is a pretty simple thing. It’s a spot–two houses actually (back to back)–in Pittsburgh PA. We live here. We charge ourselves more rent when we’re not writing enough, and we use that money to fund a month long rent free residency program in a walk in closet. We host events, and produce a lot of output.

There’s not a month that goes by that we don’t create a new weird piece of writing or comics. And between the lot of us we think we make at least one solid zine or comic-zine every four weeks (we like our stuff). Right now we’re trying to get momentum behind our new Zine of the Month Club, where we send subscribers a new unique zine or comic zine every month. We’ve started a Kickstarter for it (you can check that out here).

If you’re interested in applying to live in our walk in closet and write like crazy check out We’re booked until 2012, but April and beyond is wide open.

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