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TempleCon 2013!

Combustion Books is quite excited to announce that we’ll be showing up in force for TempleCon 2013 in Warwick, Rhode Island from February 1-3. This year we’ll be taking over an entire hotel room on the ground floor to bring you Combustion Books’ Traveling Show of Vice, our parlor of cons, swindles, games of luck and chance, accordion music, tintype photography, crime, and of course books.

We also have a full schedule of presentations:

  • Friday, 5pm, con suite 2: Biopunk Panel Discussion: Biopunk in Other Forms. With Paul Di Filippo and Margaret Killjoy.
  • Friday, 8pm, con suite 2: A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex. With Professor Calamity, Screaming Mathilda, and Margaret Killjoy.
  • Saturday, 12pm, Barrington: Biopunk Panel Discussion: Biopunk and the Paranormal. With Anderson O’Donnell, Paul Di Filippo, Leanna Renee Hieber, and Professor Calamity.
  • Saturday, 5pm, Barrington: Bunkum, Cons and Swindles of the 19th Century. With Professor Calamity and Screaming Mathilda.
  • Saturday, 6:30, Barrington: Bucking the Tiger: 19th Century Games of Skill. With Professor Calamity and Screaming Mathilda.

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