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Margaret Killjoy interviewed on

Combustion Books author Margaret Killjoy was interviewed on by the steampunk non-fiction author S.J. Chambers about Combustion title What Lies Beneath The Clock Tower. Margaret talks about the process of writing non-linear fiction and also how his anarchist politics influence his writing:

SJC: What was your process in writing such a non-linear, multi-plot book?

MK: I started it by just plowing into it and making forks, following one path to its end before backing up and finishing off each fork back up the chain, but after nearly 30,000 words and several months of work, I started over. One night I had an epiphany and I said to my then-partner, “The book is all wrong, the character is all wrong. It’s too convoluted and I’m sick of every story being from the point of view of the all-powerful leader of vast armies. I’d rather see through the eyes of the poor schmoe wrapped up in it all.” Of course, we’d been sort of planning on selling Clock Tower in order to eat food that winter, but I started over regardless.

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