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We switched over to new e-commerce software, hopefully making for an easier experience for everyone. Broke some links in the process, sadly, but it couldn’t be avoided. Anyhow, hope you like the new design!

Review of White is the Color of Death from Comrade Black

Came across a review of White is the Color of Death by Comrade Black from Camas Books & Infoshop in Victoria, BC. Since the review was on facebook, it wouldn’t do much good to link to it directly, so we’re reposting it below. Note that it includes some plot synopsis and therefore mild spoilers. I just finished reading White Is The Color of Death published by Combustion Books. it is … Read More →

Catastrophone Orchestra reviewed by Seams & Story

The blog of activist, wanderer, and author Wren Awry has published a glowing review of our book Catastrophone Orchestra: In my favorite story, “Pearls Before a Sandhog,” Catastrophone turns the Horatio Alger-style, rags-to-riches trope on its head. In it, a young boy from the tenements has been given an incredible educational opportunity, which is threatened when he is called to help his family and community. For readers interested in anarchist/radical … Read More →

A Steampunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse: Second Edition

A Steampunk's Guide to the Apocalypse: Second Edition

To Be Released Early February 2012! Our bestselling guide to the apocalypse was just about sold out of its third printing, so we brought it up to date with revisions, a new introduction by the author and an additional appendix of Victorian-era disaster! This 60-page, fully-illustrated manual of steampunk survival covers water, food, security, health, location, and communications. ISBN: 978-0-9834971-9-6

SteamPunk Magazine #8

SteamPunk Magazine #8

SteamPunk Magazine has long been a magazine dedicated to keeping the “punk” in steampunk. This eighth issue is our long-awaited return to print and is our biggest issue yet. Featuring history, opinion, interviews, DIY, and an astounding array of some of the finest voices in steampunk fiction. ISBN: 978-0-9834971-8-9 110 pages $8 Coming February 1, 2012 Featuring interviews with: Collane di Ruggine Shanna Germain Steampunk Emma Goldman and Voltairine DeCleyre … Read More →

What Lies Beneath The Clock Tower reviewed by Rain Taxi

The Winter 2011 print edition of Rain Taxi (the US’s foremost independent book review publication) included a glowing review, by William Alexander, of What Lies Beneath The Clock Tower. From the review: Margaret Killjoy, an authority on anarchist theory and founder of SteamPunk Magazine, is uniquely qualified to write a book about 19th-century class struggle and goblinish revolution in urban, absinthe-soaked France. The book is steampunk–a fantastical story in a … Read More →

Combustion Books at TempleCon!

Combustion Books will be tabling and presenting at TempleCon 2012, February 3rd to 5th in Warwick, Rhode Island. We’ll be carrying all our titles, of course, and in addition our authors will be presenting the following workshops: Friday, 4-5pm, Barrington: Steampunk Choose Your Own Adventure Reading: Join author Margaret Killjoy in a reading of What Lies Beneath The Clock Tower, a steampunk CYOA that puts an absinthe-drunk dandy in the … Read More →

Margaret Killjoy interviewed on

Combustion Books author Margaret Killjoy was interviewed on by the steampunk non-fiction author S.J. Chambers about Combustion title What Lies Beneath The Clock Tower. Margaret talks about the process of writing non-linear fiction and also how his anarchist politics influence his writing: SJC: What was your process in writing such a non-linear, multi-plot book? MK: I started it by just plowing into it and making forks, following one path … Read More →

SteamPunk Magazine, The First Years: Issues #1-7

SteamPunk Magazine: The First Years

In these first issues of SteamPunk Magazine, some out of print for years, there are articles and interviews on music, fashion, politics, history, and mad science. Groundbreaking steampunk fiction and breathtaking illustration run beside bizarre philosophy and manifestos. Learn to etch copper, to build a pennyfakething from an old bike or a jacob’s ladder from trash. Discover vertical windmills or sew a pair of spats.

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