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Combustion Books at TempleCon!

Combustion Books will be tabling and presenting at TempleCon 2012, February 3rd to 5th in Warwick, Rhode Island.

We’ll be carrying all our titles, of course, and in addition our authors will be presenting the following workshops:

Friday, 4-5pm, Barrington: Steampunk Choose Your Own Adventure Reading: Join author Margaret Killjoy in a reading of What Lies Beneath The Clock Tower, a steampunk CYOA that puts an absinthe-drunk dandy in the middle of a full scale goblin revolution beneath the streets of 19th century France. This is an interactive reading–the audience will determine what path to take.

Friday, 5:30-6:30: The Adventure Salon is your chance to meet and mingle with other intrepid adventurers, mad scientists, wicked ladies, fiendish fops and other steamy scoundrels. Participants will be invited to spin two-minute tales of their near-escapes, incredible discoveries, improbable explorations and other misadventures. There will be prizes for the best stories and the possibility of formal admittance into steampunk’s only active secret society–Aegri Somnia. Participants are required to come in persona and dressed appropriately. Refreshments and music will be provided.

Friday, 7pm-8:30pm
, Con Suite 2 (Room #607): Margaret Killjoy will be joining others on the Envisioning A Better Steam Society panel.

Saturday, 10am-11am, Barrington: Steampunk and the Apocalypse: Everything you need to know about the end of time. We will discuss steampunk approaches to survival as well as take a tour of real life victorian-era disasters and the development of apocalyptic literature. Presented by The Catastrophone Orchestra and Margaret Killjoy.

Saturday, 11:30am-12:30pm: The Shadow City: The Dark-side of Urban Victoriana. The nefarious Catastrophone Orchestra will be your guide to the shadows worlds that lie invisible outside city’s gaslights in this multi-media presentation. The journey will explore girl-gangs, scavenger cultures, morphine-poppers, murky con-men and dark cloaked anarchists that populated the tenements, taverns and alleys of most Victorian cities. It will be a wild ride from New York’s McGurk’s Suicide Bar to London’s sewer bazaar- so keep close and a hand on your purses. Step right this way the tour is about to depart.


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